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Heiress Women's Ministry

One on One - Plan to Change Mentorship for Women


This program is where the Pastors and Leaders take individual weekly one on one time with you. During this time they will walk you through the various changes in your life, assist you in discover your purpose or calling, and prepare you to handle what's discovered through transparent, thoughtful and insightful conversation.


Join us in an atmosphere of love, safety, transparency, vulnerability and growth, that will assist you in defeating fears, overcoming challenges, and healing relationships. This is a great time for ladies to just sit back, relax and talk about what's on our mind about any specific topic(s) as well as learning and discovering how to defeat and overcome your fears, weaknesses and challenges that we, as women, face in our daily lives.


Join us every Thursday from 7pm-8pm at "Girl Talk".


If you or another young lady would like to join us for a great conversation full of growth, learning, laughter and love, join us and give us a call on our conference line:


Conference Line: 1-712-775-7031

Conference Line Code: 994167


Remember: What's Not Exposed - Can't Be Helped.

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